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Aurum Muriaticum

Posted by Batoota

Aurum Muriaticum
Aurum  Muriaticum   is   prepared   from  a   salt   of   gold   (Sodium Chloraurate).  The ailments related to it revolve around the heart, and like  Aurum  Metallicum,  affect  the  liver  and  heart  together.    The patient passes urea in the urine.  The blood urea is also high.  It is also found  effective against glandular diseases.   On that basis, it is used in cancers of the glands.  If the symptoms present are specific for Aurum Muriaticum, this particular remedy can offer cure even in dangerous cancer.
The  typical  symptom  of  Aurum  Muriaticum  is  the  pain  which, wherever it manifests, will be associated with a burning sensation. Symptoms ameliorate in cold, damp environment, but intensify in hot  muggy  weather.    There  is  a  tendency  towards  committing suicide like Aurum Metallicum but the patient  does not like to be aloof and is ill-tempered, irritable, and rather quarrelsome.
Throbbing  is   a   sign   of   Aurum   Muriaticum   ailments.   Aurum Muriaticum is useful in syphilis-like symptoms of the eyes, associated with decay and destruction of the bones.  The vision is decreased in artificial  lighting.    Thus   Aurum  Muriaticum  would  significantly improve eyesight which, although otherwise normal, is blurred in the nightlight.
In  Aurum   Mur   patients,   music   particularly   relieves   the   ear symptoms.    At  night,  the  skin  behind  the  ears  burns  and  itches. Aurum Mur is also very affective against the chronic nasal problems and old nasal catarrh.
In Aurum  Muriaticum  patient,  if  the  thick  scabs  in  the  nose  are attempted  to   be  removed,  bleeding  ensues.    The  discharge  is yellowish-green. Aurum Mur is also reported to be useful in Lupus- like conditions at the margin of the nostrils.
In Aurum Mur, the stools are either greenish or clay coloured.  This indicates  liver  dysfunction.    Many  a  time,  the  stools  are  whitish. Stools are more frequent at night, and so is the urination.  There may even be bed-wetting at night.  Salivation from the mouth is excessive.
Aurum Mur  is  very  effective  in  the  enlargement  of  the  uterus associated with hardening, especially the cervical part of the uterus. Carbo Animalis, Tarentula-Hispania, Lapis Albus are also very useful in  cervical  problems.    When  sleeplessness  is  secondary  to  mental anguish and associated with a throbbing sensation, Aurum Muriaticum may also be useful (in addition to other Homoeopathic remedies for this  condition).    Such  a  patient  experiences  sadistic  or  sorrowful dreams. He usually experiences the dream relating to his own ailment. When the disease is too advanced, the dreams are of extreme horror while sorrowful dreams indicate that the illness is in the early stage, and that recovery may be expected soon.  Many homoeopaths believe that Pulsatilla and Kali Sulph  are similar to Aurum Muriaticum but this is not true.
During early pregnancy, especially if detected on the first day, a single dose of Aurum Mur CM, by Allah’s grace, usually brings about the birth of a son.  Delayed use of Aurum Mur is much less predictable. Nevertheless, this is not a sure formula.  I have noticed some women have delivered baby girls even after  taking Aurum Muriaticum the next morning of the pregnancy, but whose next children were male- born.  In my experience, some women who take Aurum Muriaticum CM may not even conceive sometimes.  When they do, their chances of  having a baby boy born to them are 80% or even more. Aurum Muriaticum is  well-known in this aspect.   I receive scores of letters every year to that effect.    For instance, a lady wrote to me from Lahore, Pakistan.  She and her two sisters-in-law had no male issue. All three used the prescription from the book  and  each was blessed with a baby boy.
Potency:    30 to CM